Common Bathroom Design Mistakes To Avoid
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April 3, 2023

Designing a new bathroom is an exciting adventure for any homeowner. From choosing the right vanity to choosing the most hi-tech toilet, getting new grooming equipment is extremely satisfying. However, if you make mistakes during the design process, you’ll ruin the luxurious feeling of comfort in your new tub. To make sure your new bathroom is everything you dreamed of, make sure you don’t make any of these nine common bathroom design mistakes during the remodeling process.

1. Forgetting the Window

If you have the option, there’s no reason you shouldn’t install a window in your new bathroom. The location of your bathroom within the layout of your home may not allow for this feature, but as long as your bathroom has at least one exterior wall, installing a window is a must.

Whether you are building a new bathroom or remodeling an existing grooming space, installing a window should be one of your first priorities. Windows provide ventilation throughout your bathroom, which protects wooden bathroom features such as vanities and medicine cabinets from mold and moisture damage. Even if you already have a fan in your bathroom, a window lets light in and makes the time spent in your bathroom more enjoyable overall.

2. Uncovering the Toilet

Remember that you are not building your new bathroom in prison; Just as there would be a seat in your toilet, there is no reason to leave this part of your bathroom exposed for all to see.

If you have the space, you may want to install a separate toilet room within your bathroom. These small rooms within rooms are especially convenient in the master bathroom; While you may have chosen to share everything with your significant other, there are some things you would prefer not to share when possible.

Even if you don’t build a toilet room, you should still put your toilet somewhere far away. Many homeowners choose the space between the vanity and the wall as their toilet area of ​​choice.

3. Not leaving enough storage space

It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is beautiful or not if you don’t have enough space to put toilet paper. Minimalistic, contemporary bathrooms usually suffer from this design flaw; While these types of bathrooms are comfortable and attractive, they often do not leave enough room for the practical aspects of life.

One way you can solve this dilemma without compromising on the streamlined beauty of your bathroom is by installing a cabinet on your wall. These types of cabinet doors lie flush against your wall, but they open to expose a large amount of room for your razor, facewash, and other toiletries.

4. Failed to provide adequate door clearance

Before you start seriously regretting having to remodel your bathroom, there’s only so much time you can stand the sound of your bathroom door against your toilet. Instead of moving your hinges around so that your bathroom door opens outwards as a last resort, make sure your door has adequate clearance from the first step of the planning process.

Instead of relying on guesswork to effectively implement your bathroom’s features, you can consider using home planning software to carefully craft the layout of your new bathroom ahead of time.

5. Misplaced Bathroom

When you climb the stairs on your way to your master suite, is your toilet really the first thing you want to see? And, when you’re sitting down to dinner with your friends and family, do you think it’s the right way to have your powder room as your centerpiece?

Be sure to plan a separate space for your bathroom. You don’t need to keep your new bathroom clean throughout the house or attic in the name of privacy, but you should use a natural line of sight barrier such as walls and columns to make your bathroom hard to see. your daily life.

6. Installing Poor Ventilation

One window is not enough to adequately ventilate your bathroom. You’ll also need to install an exhaust fan in your bathroom to ensure that odors and moisture can find their way through without interruption.

If your bathroom is large enough, you can also install two fans. However you decide to deploy your ventilation enhancers throughout your bathroom, just make sure they spin at enough RPM to effectively force air out of your space.

7. Over-Accessorizing

You don’t want your bathroom to make you look like you’re an old lady who visits the knickknacks section of Goodwill a lot. Tasty bathroom accessories are great, but too many of them can completely ruin the intended effect.

8. Lack of clear decoration vision

To make sure you don’t over-accessories, it’s obviously important to know what you want your bathroom to look like before you start. If you’ve never decorated a bathroom before, you should probably avoid choosing eclectic decor for your first project; Instead, choose a simple decor style and don’t.

Webblogers Editors Team

Webblogers Editors Team


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